MailerLoop Privacy Policy

At MailerLoop, protecting your privacy and the privacy of anyone receiving your email is very important. These policies are for the purpose of making MailerLoop safe and appropriate for all.

Policy on permission

MailerLoop is permission-based. That means you need permission to send to the people who receive your emails. To send an email to someone using MailerLoop, that recipient must be either someone who is a customer, member or subscriber of your business or organization or who has specifically asked to receive your emails by opting in or signing up in some way, or someone who has bought a product or service from you in the past 18 months.

Safety of your personal information

MailerLoop collects certain information about you in order to allow your account to function properly. At any time, you may log in and change this information, or remove it. Under no circumstances will we share your personal information with any third party.

Protecting your customer lists and data

Although we reserve the right to monitor your lists, content and response data from time to time to make sure they comply with our Terms of Use, we will never share, sell or rent your customer data to anyone for any reason.

Emails from MailerLoop

From time to time you may receive from us emails related to your account or your use of MailerLoop. Every email will contain a link for you to be able to opt-out of receiving it.

We will not sell or rent your email address.