Posted on September 16, 2013

Fresh Guide to Welcome Email That Work: Examples, Tips, Strategies

Welcome Email is a first direct contact with your customer that you’ll have. It’s like a first date and if you’ll make it excellent, you will benefit greatly.

If you don’t create Welcome Emails, you should. And if you do, you have to do it right. In this guide you will learn all secrets of perfect Welcome Email and master 3 fundamental principals that will help you easily create splendid Welcome Emails. Let’s start!

Why Do You Need a Welcome Email?

First of all, Welcome Emails have highest open and click through rates. Our studies show 56.4% for open rates and 10.3% for CTR. Those numbers are twice bigger than ones for newsletters. And main reason why, is that Welcome Emails reaches customers exactly in the time when they are engaged with your brand. In that moment people are ready for more interaction but not all businesses oblige them.

When Do You Send Welcome Email?

You send it right away after your customer has signed up, as fast as technically possible after the registration. Don’t waste even a second. Internet is very engaging medium and in a few moments your customer may be watching Youtube, reading some article, or having a chat on Skype. After an hour (I won’t even speak about a day) customer won’t even remember that she registered somewhere. Strike while the iron is hot and you’ll get the maximum result.

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