Increase your sales with lifecycle emails

Lifecycle email management for ecommerce and web apps

  • If user
  • has
  • signed up
  • and
  • hasn't
  • visited site
  • in the next 20 days
  • send him an email
See how it works

How it works


Build a customer story

Using simple drag&drop stories builder you will be able to quick create rules for sending lifecycle emails.


Design beautiful email

Once you finished with the story, you setup an email. You can upload your own HTML or use Design Builder to design nice looking email in seconds.


Reach customers inbox

We will help you to reach customers inbox as we handle ISP monitoring, DKIM, domain keys, SPF, feedback loops, whitelabeling, link customization and more to ensure your emails are delivered.


Measure performance

Once you have created your first email you can see real time stats to measure and improve your business performance.


Create more emails

You can also host all your transactional emails so you don’t have to use multiple systems. Your developers will surely love that.